Ulead has announced a new edition of VideoStudio. The latest addition to the series offers further refinement of its automated video editing tools.
The main new feature is the newly added three-step MovieWizard that purports to offer just the right mix of theme-based intro and exit graphics, transitions, text effects and music to tell a story, without losing the intended message in confusing cuts and edits.

For further timesavings, VideoStudio also provides an Auto Analysis tool that examines and removes poorly shot video clips and syncs them to the beat of music. The new Music Generator instantly creates musical scores to match the exact duration and mood of a movie, while real-time audio mixing and a new rubber band timeline provide more audio control.

Ulead has also improved its sharing capabilities with a one-click upload button that allows users to upload videos to the Neptune.com MediaShare service.

VideoStudio 8 will be available in early May 2004 for £49.99. Users of VideoStudio 4, 5, 6, or 7 (including all SE versions) will be able to purchase the upgrade version for £34.99 including VAT.