PRESS RELEASE: BenQ proudly announces the BenQ DC S30. The BenQ DC S30 is one of the first in its class to combine the ability to take photographs, play music, record voice memos, and shoot continuous amount of video - making it an all-in-one personal digital entertainment center. In addition, the BenQ S30 features 3.34 Mega-pixels, 3X optical zoom, and an 180º flip-out LCD screen.

Ultra-hip Design, fresh and exciting

The BenQ DC S30 boasts a neatly outlined magnesium alloy casing with a smooth tasty-tangerine tone that shows freshness and energy with a unique personal style. The camera's color LCD screen can flip-out a full 180º that gives users the flexibility to capture images from virtually any angle, including self-portraits.

Music On-The-Go

Not only can the BenQ DC S30 be used for taking photographs, but it also enables users to enjoy the integrated both FM radio and MP3 playback function to satisfy their needs and indulge in their favorite music. Furthermore, the BenQ DC S30 acquires an integrated speaker that allows play-out music and is bundled with Q-Music software for easy music editing. Also, with the fine MSRE (Metal Resonance Sound Effect) system, the DC S30 delivers superb audio quality despite its diminutive size, making you enjoy the excellent audio enjoyment.

Continuous Video Recording

The BenQ DC S30 has the ability to capture continuous lengths of video, making it a completely functional compact digital camcorder. Supporting the ASF format, the BenQ DC S30 not only provides advanced video quality; but also allows users to record longer with the same amount of storage. With a 256MB memory card, up to 70 minutes of incessant video can be stored. Voice memos can be added up to 20 seconds long to captured photographs. The BenQ S30 will be available in February.