Best UFO photos and sightings captured on film

In 1942, a flying saucer-like object was seen over the skies of Los Angeles. The Army fired 1,400 anti-aircraft rounds at it but hit nothing. (image credit: L.A. Times)
In 2007 some weird and wonderful lights were spotted in the skies over Hessdalen in central Norway. The lights are thought to be extra-terrestrial by many.  (image credit: Bjorn Hauge)
In 1997, over 300-miles of the American Southwest thousands of people spotted unexplainable vessels in the sky.  (image credit: CBS 5 News)
The US Department of Defence officially released videos captured by its pilots in 2020. (image credit: U.S. DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE)
In 2017, the Mars Curiosity Rover captured an image which appears to show an unidentified object on the surface of Mars.  (image credit: NASA)
In 1952, a number of "bright lights" were seen in the skies over Washington D.C. and on the radar screens of several nearby airports and military bases. (image credit: Unknown)
In 2013 Corinne Federer was at Muiderslot Castle in the Netherlands. While there, she captured this photo of a tube-shaped UFO with an S-shaped fin. (image credit: ELYKTRA PHOTOART)
From 2019 comes a photo taken by an FA-18 pilot who had spotted an Unidentified Aerial Phenomena while dying over Oceania.  (image credit: George Knapp/
In 1561, a mass sighting happened with sights seen over Nuremberg. Residents apparently saw an aerial battle taking place above the city. (image credit: Zentralbibliothek Zürich)
In the nighttime hours of late May 1987, Randy Etting saw a UFO bathed in multi-coloured lights buzzing overhead. It was seen by 200 people on interstate 84. (image credit: Randy Etting)
Early in 1990, a flying triangle was spotted over Belgium. It was picked up by military radar stations and the bases sent out two fighter jets to intercept. (image credit: J.S. Henrardi/Wikimedia Commons)