Are your pets as funny as the ones in the Comedy Pet Photo Awards?

The Comedy Pet Photo Awards celebrates the very best in amusing photos of pets. Here are some of the finalists. (image credit: Chris Johnson/Animal Friends Comedy Pet Photo Awards)
Hassan is clearly a fun-loving puppy and one that looks like he's up to some serious mischief as well.  (image credit: Arthur Carvalho de Moura/Comedy Pet Photo Awards 2021)
Nothing to see here, except a horse having a good chortle at their owner.  (image credit: Holly Taylor/Comedy Pet Photo Awards 2021)
Lights, puppy, action! Timing and patience are key to a good photo, but sometimes the subject matter is enough to make it awesome.  (image credit: Diana Jill Mehner/Animal Friends Comedy Pet Photo Awards)
Apparently, the family have a pet name for him when he's pulling this face - Professor Sir Didymus. (image credit: Melanie Allen/Comedy Pet Photo Awards 2021)
Mike and his cat Eddie apparently can often be found chilling out on the sofa watching a good film. Here Eddie is particularly enjoying The Crying Game.  (image credit: Mike Batho/Comedy Pet Photo Awards 2021)
Another photobomb, except this time it looks like the nearest furry pooch is trying to take a selfie while also jumping through the air. (image credit: Mollie Cheary/Comedy Pet Photo Awards 2021)
What happens if you give two tiny chicks some television to watch? (image credit: Sophie Bonnefoi/Comedy Pet Photo Awards 2021)
Memphis Morey has two rats who enjoy play fighting with one another. Occasionally they stop like this for a rest. (image credit: Memphis Morey/Comedy Pet Photo Awards 2021)
With eyes that say "please play with me!" how can anyone resist? (image credit: Sylvie Walker/Comedy Pet Photo Awards 2021)
This cheeky 3-year-old Pomeranian pup clearly has a love for life, fun and frolics.  (image credit: Bernard Sim/Animal Friends Comedy Pet Photo Awards)
This horse either looks very displeased or wants to check that the photographer has got its good side.  (image credit: David Poznanter/Animal Friends Comedy Pet Photo Awards)
This must be where the term "horsing around" comes from. What a cheeky chap.  (image credit: Mary Ellis/Animal Friends Comedy Pet Photo Awards)
This dog has clearly been having a great time in the sea and is now a bit soggy for it. Shaking off makes for a great photo though.  (image credit: Christine Johnson/Animal Friends Comedy Pet Photo Awards)
This pooch is fully ready for their interview. What would they have to say about current events? Can a four-legged furry friend offer any interesting insights? (image credit: Janet Gordon/Animal Friends Comedy Pet Photo Awards)
We enjoy a good action shot and this one appears to show a dog in the middle of trying to catch a ball in flight, but failing.  (image credit: Pat Heard/Animal Friends Comedy Pet Photo Awards)
This pup is showing that big lips can be cute. Al.l you need is the personality to carry it off.  (image credit: Victoria Lalley/Animal Friends Comedy Pet Photo Awards)
An Alpaca chomping on a stick, which makes it look like it is smoking a cigar. That's one cool cat, though someone should tell it that smoking is bad for you.  (image credit: Stefan Brusius/Animal Friends Comedy Pet Photo Awards)
As you'd expect, dogs getting up to daft things feature a lot in the awards. This dog absolutely loves water, which makes fo (image credit: Jose Bayon/Animal Friends Comedy Pet Photo Awards)
The winning photo for the Comedy Pet Photo Awards 2022 features two cats bumping heads. (image credit: Kenichi Morinaga/Animal Friends Comedy Pet Photo Awards)
This furry chap was photographed at some traffic lights and it looks like he's really cruising for a good time.  (image credit: Mehmet Aslan/Animal Friends Comedy Pet Photo Awards)