Are your pets as funny as the ones in the Comedy Pet Photo Awards 2021?

Hassan is clearly a fun-loving puppy and one that looks like he's up to some serious mischief as well.  (image credit: Arthur Carvalho de Moura/Comedy Pet Photo Awards 2021)
Nothing to see here, except a horse having a good chortle at their owner.  (image credit: Holly Taylor/Comedy Pet Photo Awards 2021)
Lights, puppy, action! Timing and patience are key to a good photo, but sometimes the subject matter is enough to make it awesome.  (image credit: Diana Jill Mehner/Animal Friends Comedy Pet Photo Awards)
Apparently, the family have a pet name for him when he's pulling this face - Professor Sir Didymus. (image credit: Melanie Allen/Comedy Pet Photo Awards 2021)
Mike and his cat Eddie apparently can often be found chilling out on the sofa watching a good film. Here Eddie is particularly enjoying The Crying Game.  (image credit: Mike Batho/Comedy Pet Photo Awards 2021)
Another photobomb, except this time it looks like the nearest furry pooch is trying to take a selfie while also jumping through the air. (image credit: Mollie Cheary/Comedy Pet Photo Awards 2021)
What happens if you give two tiny chicks some television to watch? (image credit: Sophie Bonnefoi/Comedy Pet Photo Awards 2021)
Memphis Morey has two rats who enjoy play fighting with one another. Occasionally they stop like this for a rest. (image credit: Memphis Morey/Comedy Pet Photo Awards 2021)
With eyes that say "please play with me!" how can anyone resist? (image credit: Sylvie Walker/Comedy Pet Photo Awards 2021)
This cheeky 3-year-old Pomeranian pup clearly has a love for life, fun and frolics.  (image credit: Bernard Sim/Animal Friends Comedy Pet Photo Awards)
This horse either looks very displeased or wants to check that the photographer has got its good side.  (image credit: David Poznanter/Animal Friends Comedy Pet Photo Awards)
This must be where the term "horsing around" comes from. What a cheeky chap.  (image credit: Mary Ellis/Animal Friends Comedy Pet Photo Awards)