13 amusing photos from the Comedy Wildlife Photography awards

Axel Bocker has been finding joy in nature with some fantastic wildlife photography that includes this close up of a Dragonfly who just seems happy to see him. (image credit: Axel Bocker/Comedywildlifephoto.com.)
This amusing photo by Aditya Kshirsagar appears to show a vine snake living its best life and having a great laugh about it too. (image credit: Aditya Kshirasagar/Comedywildlifephoto.com.)
This fun photo appears to show two small cubs having a great time in the water. We wish we were having as much fun. (image credit: Andy Parkinson /Comedywildlifephoto.com)
Just a green tree frog who's really pleased with himself. (image credit: Dikky Oesin/Comedywildlifephoto.com.)
We love these close up shots of nature. Views of wildlife that you'd never normally see. (image credit: Mattias Hammar/Comedywildlifephoto.com.)
We bet these pig-tailed Macaques get up to plenty of mischief, even if they can't quite reach the pedals. (image credit: Yevhen/Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2020)
We've all had days like these recently haven't we? This Reddish Egret is certainly looking worse for wear, but then that's pretty much life in 2020 isn't it? (image credit: Gail Bisson/Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2020)
Life isn't always fun and bananas for the mountain gorillas. This chap seems bored out of his tiny mind. (image credit: Marcus Westberg/Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2020)
A tiny monkey with a walking stick. Now we've seen it all. (image credit: Martin Grace/Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2020)
Here's looking at you kid. This Azure Damselfly appears to be eye-balling you while hilariously clinging on to some undergrowth. (image credit: Tim Hearn/Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2020)
This snap looks like the prairie dog was playing peekaboo with the incoming winged predator with amusing results. (image credit: Arthur Trevino/Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2021)
These Racoons look like they're trying to socially distance from the rest of the world like we all have been lately. (image credit: Kevin Biskaborn/Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2021)
Not an Instagram duck face, but instead a box fish looking both surprised and glamourous too (image credit: Philipp Stahr/Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2021)