Stunning photos from the Astronomy Photographer of the Year awards

We've collected some of the best images from the Astronomy Photographer of the Year awards for you to enjoy. (image credit: Nguyễn Hoàng Linh)
This stunning image has it all - aurora borealis dancing in the sky, in a sublime mix of greens and blues, all suspended above an ice-cold lake. (image credit: Nicholas Roemmelt)
A jaw-dropping image of the infinite variety of space, with those promintent jets in the centre providing a science-fiction-esque focal point. (image credit: Connor Matherne)
This great shot is a miracle of timing, with a wisp of cloud passing before the moon and causing this otherworldly effect. (image credit: Ethan Roberts)
The photographer's dog Trixy is the star of the show here, artfully silhouetted in front of a bright and huge moon. (image credit: Kirk Paton)
Tom Archer's breath-taking image of a lone snow-covered tree sitting beneath the Scandinavian Aurora was chosen as a runner up in the Aurorae category for 2020. (image credit: Tom Archer)
Roshaan Nadeem's amazing image of the moon appears to be a combination of photos of a Waxing Gibbous Moon and Full Moon. (image credit: Roshaan Nadeem)
This photo by GuangHao Yu shows a seemingly impossible view of the unconscionable number of stars in the skies above us.  (image credit: GuangHao Yu)
The perfect framing of this photo makes it look like the Milky Way is emanating from between these mountains. (image credit: Li JiaWei)
A brilliant photo with a magical question mark seemingly emenating from space. (image credit: Paul Wilson)
Stefan Liebermann took this image for the Skyscapes category while at Karijini National Park and the results are incredible.  (image credit: Stefan Liebermann)
Don't worry, this isn't an alien invasion or some sort of massive space jellyfish, instead it's a photo of a man-made event happening thanks to NASA.  (image credit: Yang Sutie)
This photo by Yulia Zhulikova looks like it could work just as well on Instagram as it does in a photography competition. (image credit: Yulia Zhulikova)
The winner of the Our Moon category of the 2020 awards shows a vivid and colourful view of the moon. (image credit: Alain Paillou)
Rob Mogford used his talent to show off what you can do with a good telescope and some snazzy photography skills.  (image credit: Rob Mogford)
A breathtaking view that's good enough to make you want to move house to somewhere a lot colder. (image credit: Andreas Ettl)
This photo is one of the runner-up images from the "Our Sun" category of the awards in 2021. (image credit: Vincent Bouchama)
The winner from 2021's Aurorae category, this photo shows the wonder of the polar lights captured while on approach to the Kara Strait, Russia.  (image credit: Dmitrii Rybalka)