These superb pictures of retro tech will show you how far we've come

This tech promised to add masses of lighting to your bicycle. Stay seen, stay safe. (image credit: Concept Talk)
A vision from the past of what the future might look like. Incredibly and amusingly far off the mark. (image credit: Concept Talk)
This is one hilarious concept vision of what space suits might look like. Highly impractical. (image credit: Concept Talk)
How else do you get eight kids to listen to the same source of audio? (image credit: Concept Talk)
One of the most ostentatious record player designs we've seen. With turntables housed inside a massive marble egg. (image credit: Concept Talk)
A concept of future life that shows everyone in bubbles. Doesn't seem so far fetched in the current climate. (image credit: Concept Talk)
People liked to imagine what our cities would look like decades into the future, and these predictions often skew towards the optimistic. (image credit: Concept Talk)
Cars reflect our times more than we sometimes realise. This retro 1970s Ford design is a testament to that fact. (image credit: Concept Talk)
From the 1930s, this neon salesman's case is a great example of how futuristic some real retro technology can be. (image credit: Concept Talk)
An incredible burger-shaped phone which is amusing as it is awesome. (image credit: Concept Talk)
This is one heck of a corded landline phone with an in-your-face design and awesome retro vibe. (image credit: Concept Talk)
Spherical televisions are a law unto themselves.They don't make sense ergonomically yet we can't help ourselves when we say that they just look ace. (image credit: Concept Talk)
This concept for a nap pod looks wonderfully inviting. (image credit: Concept Talk)
This artist's idea of what an ideal den would look like, meanwhile, has us drooling in envy. (image credit: Concept Talk)
We're not saying that floral prints and patterns are always grim, but we're also not sure we'd want this telephone in our house.  (image credit: Concept Talk)
Concept cars have always pushed the boundaries of design with weird and wonderful shapes and aesthetics. (image credit: Concept Talk)
An amazing retro gaming setup for flight sim. It might not compare to modern setups but back in the day this would have been something special. (image credit: Concept Talk)
A future concept which manages to look super dated by today's standards. (image credit: Concept Talk)
Microwaves were a modern marvel when they were first released, as this cook book testifies. (image credit: Concept Talk)
This photo from the Mitsubishi archive is a fun look at how big a speaker can get if you're pushing the boundaries of the sensible. (image credit: Concept Talk)
This music machine almost sold itself, but the addition of the lighting bolt really makes it pop. (image credit: Concept Talk)