The best images of time travellers from throughout history

On the right-hand side of this photo from 1941, you can see an unusually dressed man in what appears to be out-of-place modern clothing. (image credit: Wikipedia)
During the 1962 World Cup celebrations a time-traveller seemingly appeared (bottom centre of the image) to take a photo on a mobile phone. (image credit: quo)
In 1943 British factory workers escaped to the seaside for a break during the midst of wartime. But there's a mobile phone user in the middle of this photo. (image credit: StuartHumphryes)
This image from 1905 includes a man in a white shirt with what appears to be a Mohawk-style haircut. A very unusual haircut for the time. (image credit: coolinterestingstuff)
Footage from Charlie Chaplin's 1928 silent film "The Circus" appears to show a lady dressed all in black, casual walking and talking on her mobile phone.  (image credit: Daily Motion)
In Salamanca, Spain, there's a cathedral with a sculpture that appears to show the likeness of a modern-day astronaut. (image credit: The Epoc Times)
This photograph apparently shows a scene from downtown Reykjavík in 1943. The man circled inexplicably appears to be on a mobile phone. (image credit: Gamlar ljósmyndir)
The painting "The expected one" from 1860, by Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller appears to show a woman walking with her attention firmly glued to her smartphone. (image credit: Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller)
A few years back, a number of images surfaced online that seemingly showed Russian President Vladimir Putin snapped over various decades without ageing. (image credit: JohnConner8)