Breath-taking images from the International Space Station

We've gathered together some of the most impressive views snapped from the ISS for you to see.  (image credit: NASA)
Viewed from above during the night time hours, London certainly looks impressive. (image credit: NASA)
This close-up shot from the station shows an astronaut carrying out essential repairs. (image credit: NASA)
There's no denying that the space station bears witness to some pretty incredible views. (image credit: NASA)
Another night-time views, this time showing the River Nile in its full glory from above. (image credit: NASA)
What you're seeing here isn't weather patterns, but actually rock formations and the results of erosion. (image credit: NASA)
Here's an space-based view of the island of Hawaii. Complete with volcanoes and lush blue waters that surround the island. (image credit: NASA)
A striking view of Hurricane Isabel taken from ISS in 2003. (image credit: NASA)
Mt Cleveland erupted in 2006 and was photographed from ISS while doing so. (image credit: NASA)
The crew of the ISS get to see some incredible sun rise views. This one was taken at 4am as the sun glinted off the surface below. (image credit: NASA)
How often do you get to see a moon rise? (image credit: NASA)
A smashing view of a frozen tundra captured by a European Space Agency astronaut aboard ISS.  (image credit: NASA)
The Great Barrier Reef is an impressive sight space it seems. (image credit: NASA)
We bet these sun rise views easily top the ones you'd usually see on Instagram! (image credit: NASA)
Here you can see Spain and Portugal as the appear at night when seen from our atmosphere. (image credit: NASA)
Join us as we marvel at the magnificent views of the auroras as seen from the space station.  (image credit: NASA)