(Pocket-lint) - PanoClip is a new clip-on camera for iPhone that turns your phone into a 360-degree camera.

In addition, you can shoot "tiny planet" style shots that effectively turn a 360-degree image into a round picture fitted in a square or rectangular frame.

Traditional, standalone 360-cameras can be expensive but the PanoClip is just $49.99 (UK price to be determined). That means you can shoot and share 360-degree photos using just your handset.

There are front and rear wide-angle lenses on the PanoClip, which enhance your iPhone's existing cameras. It clips onto the top of your device, adding the new lenses to the front and rear cameras that are already there on the handset. And, once a photo is taken, a dedicated application will combine images from both to create an all-encompassing final picture.


From there you can share the end results straight to Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook or other social media platforms.

As well as the tiny planet option, there is a Spin View mode that converts 360-degree snapshots into short video clips that showcase the scene in every direction.

You can also use a SkyWarp feature to alter the sky in outdoor shots into a preset moving skyscape, accompanied by music. There is also a range of colourful filters to adapt shots.

PanoClip is compatible with iPhone models from the iPhone 6 and above. These include Plus models and the iPhone X.

An Android version is on its way too.

You can find out more and purchase PanoClip from panoclip.com.

Writing by Rik Henderson.