Insanely neat photos of cables that belong in a modern art gallery

This Redditor attempted to create a rainbow out of their cabling and the outcome is as neat as it is colourful.  (image credit: MouseGiraffe/Reddit)
This colourful wiring could just as easily be mistaken for candy cane.  (image credit: whoust/Reddit)
Bright yellow cabling curls and curves in satisfying ways, taking data off to where it's needed most.  (image credit: Porpoise_of_Life/Reddit)
This cable porn comes from the National Energy Technology Laboratory, part of the U.S. Department of Energy. (image credit: National Energy Technology Laboratory)
This super-computer is a superb work of art, you can tell this setup means serious business.  (image credit: Centro Nacional de Supercomputación)
This copper colour wiring seems to give the impression of metal pipework and electrical/data wiring coming together in perfect unison.  (image credit: cablewizard/Reddit)
This neat wiring could easily be present in your phone or tablet. Tiny attention to detail ensures the best results from our digital world.  (image credit: commandtab/Reddit)
This wiring is part of the machinery used for machine learning, so you can imagine the data that passes through these wires.  (image credit: Phaune421/Reddit)
These neat and arching cables clearly took hours of meticulous work to put together. You have to admire the handiwork and the dedication to cable perfection.  (image credit: gunnerpad/Reddit)
So many colours and such precision all in one place.  (image credit: fakerchaos/Reddit)
A couple more colours and we'd almost have a rainbow of wiring in this photo.  (image credit: expendable_Henchman/Reddit)
Thick batches of purple cable neatly line the walls of this rack. You can only imagine the amount of time and effort that went into this setup. (image credit: DaleDimmaDone/Reddit)
Neatness isn't just for cabling. The organisation of this pipework is as admirable as it is beautiful.  (image credit: sylpher250/Reddit)
This is a transformer-rated electric meter for a 2000 Amp service. A neat piece of work by the installer on a powerful bit of kit.  (image credit: ablindman11/Reddit)
This beautiful pipework made its way onto Reddit under /r/conduitporn/ and shows that it's not just wiring that people get obsessive about.  (image credit: a_synthesiser/Reddit)
This multi core power cabling shows that even power cables can be neatly organised.  (image credit: sirnicolai/Reddit)
Here wonderfully neat and organised cables are separated and controlled in the most magnificent of ways.  (image credit: BobOnTheCobb/Reddit)
Super-computing in Barcelona is serious business.  This wiring photo proves as much. (image credit: Centro Nacional de Supercomputación)