There's a certain breed of IT worker who has a deep fetish for all things neat and tidy. The result is a server room with hundreds of cables neatly organised, cable tied and manipulated into perfect angles. Not only is the outcome aesthetically pleasing, it's also technically practical. 

National Energy Technology Laboratory

National Energy Technology LaboratoryOCD cable porn image 16

This cable porn comes from the National Energy Technology Laboratory, part of the U.S. Department of Energy. It's good to see that even Government bodies take cable management seriously.

Barcelona Super Computer

Centro Nacional de SupercomputaciónOCD cable porn image 48

This super-computer is a superb work of art, you can tell this setup means serious business.

Pathtrack install

cablewizard/RedditOCD cable porn image 3

This copper colour wiring seems to give the impression of metal pipework and electrical/data wiring coming together in perfect unison.

Micro wiring

commandtab/RedditOCD cable porn image 4

This neat wiring could easily be present in your phone or tablet. Tiny attention to detail ensuring the best results from our digital world.

Tiny circuit board wiring

commandtab/RedditOCD cable porn image 5

This tiny circuit board wiring shows that cable management is a fine art, even at the tiniest level.

Braided cables from CERN

Cursed1701/RedditOCD cable porn image 6

It's no surprise that CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, needs some serious cabling to keep their research running.

Purple paradise

DaleDimmaDone/RedditOcd Cable Porn image 7

Thick batches of purple cable neatly line the walls of this rack. You can only imagine the amount of time and effort that went into this setup.

Interlaced insanity

expendable_Henchman/RedditOCD cable porn image 8

A couple more colours and we'd almost have a rainbow of wiring in this photo.

So many colours

fakerchaos/RedditOCD cable porn image 9

So many colours and such precision all in one place.

Service loop

gamebrigada/RedditOCD cable porn image 10

A mass of cables loop their way down a ladder, neatly tied and kept in place.

Power cable neatness

Gibblegosh/RedditOCD cable porn image 11

This photo had Redditors arguing as the angle of the photo makes it look like the cables are going in the wrong holes. Even the internet can't be calmed by simple neat cabling and zip ties.

Up to the heavens

GivingAlltheDs/RedditOCD cable porn image 12

This is some seriously impressive wiring, wiring that even God would be proud of. A tubular mass of wires take all the data up through the ceiling to where it's needed.

Stairwell pipe-chase

GnomeChumpski/RedditOCD cable porn image 2

This overhead pipework is pleasantly neat and easy on the eye. We wonder how many people take the time to stop and look up when walking down these twisting corridors.

Purple rainbows

gunnerpad/RedditOCD cable porn image 13

These neat and arching cables clearly took hours of meticulous work to put together. You have to admire the handiwork and the dedication to cable perfection.

German efficiency

he_who_should_stfu/RedditOCD cable porn image 14

This cabling and pipework dates back to the 1930's and hails from Germany. It's no surprise to see the Germans being as efficient with their pipework as they are with everything else. Everything in its place and a place for everything.

Curvaceous cabling

ImgurOCD cable porn image 15

You have to admire this curvaceous cabling, magnificent lines and a high attention to detail.

Baby Rack

ImgurOCD cable porn image 17

It might be tiny compared to some of the other racks we've seen, but the cabling here is still impressive.

Insane cable management

Improved-Liar/RedditOCD cable porn image 18

Another neat snap of perfectionist level cable management. Again, this one had Redditors arguing about whether there were enough cable ties being used or too many.

The internet

intrickacies/RedditOCD cable porn image 19

This photo is simply labelled "the internet" but despite the neatness, we're not too sure there are enough cables here to hold the whole internet.

All the colours of the internet

JamezQ/RedditOCD cable porn image 1

Wonderful domestic wiring captured in a simple photo of a number of ethernet cables neatly arranged on their journey from the home broadband router.

Video routing needs neat cabling too

machzel08/RedditOCD cable porn image 20

Even video streaming and routing needs neat cabling. This Redditor is understandably impressed with their work and with good cause too.

Cable management is an art

Micky86/RedditOCD cable porn image 21

Seeing this cable management, Redditor Bitwaba commented "Cable management is an art, but if to maintain it you have to be an artist, then you're making it more complicated than it should be." This single comment sums up almost all the photos in this article.

A rainbow of cables

MouseGiraffe/RedditOCD cable porn image 22

This Redditor attempted to create a rainbow out of their cabling and the outcome is as neat as it is colourful.

Small but neat

p0Pe/RedditOCD cable porn image 23

This wiring is from a self-built PC and shows the dedication to cable management and neatness these enthusiasts have when building their own machines.

Google's TensorFlow Cloud Service

Phaune421/RedditOCD cable porn image 24

A photo from behind the scenes at the inner workings of Google's mammoth machine. This wiring is part of the machinery used for machine learning, so you can imagine the data that passes through these wires.

Mean green cable machine

poisonousplanet/imgurOCD cable porn image 25

We're green with envy. This insanely neat cabling is a joy to behold.

Mellow yellow

Porpoise_of_Life/RedditOCD cable porn image 26

Bright yellow cabling curls and curves in satisfying ways, taking data off to where it's needed most.

Living room pleasure

proto04/RedditOCD cable porn image 27

Neat and tidy cables don't just belong in the workplace, here a piece of ethernet cabling has been turned into a work of art rather than just an eye-sore.

White and blue is good for you

RafaRamen/RedditOCD cable porn image 28

To the keen eye, this cabling boasts both Velcro ties and zip ties to keep the cables neat and tidy and drive the cable porn enthusiasts insane.


RX-LIFE/RedditOCD cable porn image 29

Ceiling wiring racks help keep these neat cables out of view at this datacenter which you could argue is a shame, but it's certainly neat and practical.

Multi core power cable

sirnicolai/RedditOCD cable porn image 30

This multi core power cabling shows that even power cables can be neatly organised.

Mobile cabling exposed

stell1315/RedditOCD cable porn image 31

A snap of a mobile broadcasting van captured at the London Marathon. Exposed wiring and innards no doubt help with air flow and cooling during the hot days.

Top down cabling

suburbanite09/RedditOCD cable porn image 32

Neat cabling with curves flows down like a waterfall of data. Magnificent and intricate.

Pipework to be proud of

sylpher250/RedditOCD cable porn image 33

Neatness isn't just for cabling. The organisation of this pipework is as admirable as it is beautiful.

Digital TV wiring

TooEashy/RedditOCD cable porn image 34

This is what it looks like when someone with a high attention to detail wires an apartment building for digital television signals all originating from a single dish.

The Cat5-o'-9-Tails

tuxedo_jack/RedditOCD cable porn image 35

A bored network admin has turned some CAT5 cable into a cat o' nine tails. This photo gives a whole new meaning to the term "cable porn".

Purple cable porn

VerGuy/RedditOCD cable porn image 36

This magnificent purple cabling is likely co-axial cables neatly arranged on the inside of a mobile broadcasting truck. A magnificent feat of cabling and tremendous use of cable ties.

Cable or candy?

whoust/RedditOCD cable porn image 37

This colourful wiring could just as easily be mistaken for candy cane.

Contrived conduits

a_synthesiser/RedditOCD cable porn image 38

This beautiful pipework made its way onto Reddit under /r/conduitporn/ and shows that it's not just wiring that people get obsessive about.

Electric meter neatness

ablindman11/RedditOCD cable porn image 39

This is a transformer rated electric meter for a 2000 Amp service. A neat piece of work by the installer on a powerful bit of kit.

Cables as art

Akibatteru/RedditOCD cable porn image 40

This one looks more like a work of art than a photo of technology it's just that neat and tidy. There's no denying the symmetry is pleasing to the eye.

The seriously neat server room

Alejandro Cynowicz/FlickrOCD cable porn image 41

Photographer Alejandro Cynowicz says he hates cables, but their company takes the matter of neat cabling extremely seriously.

The neat green machine

AlexLex1500/RedditOCD cable porn image 42

This sort of cabling gets the wiring nerds arguing about what a nightmare it would be if a single cable needed replacing.

Colourful completion

AveryLongman/RedditOCD cable porn image 43

You can almost feel the satisfaction of a job well done when looking at this photo taken at the end of a completed cabling mission. Neat and tidy and everything in its correct place.

Mapped out cable art

Barniff/RedditOCD cable porn image 44

This work of cable art looks like someone tried to map out the London underground using power cables and wall tacks.

Neat and colourful

BenHippynet/RedditOCD cable porn image 45

When airflow is important, there's even more value to neat wiring than just being easy on the eye.

More mellow yellow

Brandon O'Connor/FlickrOCD cable porn image 46

There seems to be a theme with these cable enthusiasts with a passion for yellow cables.

Barcelona Super Computer

Centro Nacional de SupercomputaciónOCD cable porn image 47

Super-computing in Barcelona is serious business.