Isn't technology grand? With advancements in smartphone cameras and the apps that accompany them, we can now take panoramic photographs and have them automatically stitched together for us. This presents everyone with the magnificent power to create wonderful photographs of their surroundings. 

Of course, technology often goes awry and with panoramic photographs, it often has hilarious consequences. We've trawled the web to find the very best in panoramic fails that are sure to give you a good giggle. 

Twin keel madness

Catherine SturchioPanoramic photos gone wrong image 2

With the insane vertical plunge looming at the edge of the waters, these gents are no doubt going to be glad of the twin motors on the back of their boat. They're teetering on the edge of the abyss, yet blissfully ignorant of the peril they're in. 

Diving body parts

Skizza/RedditPanoramic photos gone wrong image 3

This one looks like a seriously brutal dive into open waters. We know you have to be careful and watch out for underwater rocks, but we've never seen fun and frolics go horribly wrong. We're happy to report though that no divers were harmed in the making of this picture. 

Panoramas and group photos

RedditPanoramic photos gone wrong image 4

Group photos and panoramic photos don't really mix. That is unless you can keep everyone perfectly still while you're taking it, otherwise, this sort of thing happens, with legs and arms all in the wrong place. It's all fun and games until someone loses a head. 

Baby Centipede

CollegehumorPanoramic photos gone wrong image 5

Some of these panoramic photos are pretty amusing, some are downright disturbing. We're not sure we'd ever want to encounter this demonic Centipede baby in real life. 

Squashed head

Panorama FailPanoramic photos gone wrong image 6

Warning, throwing your head back in a fit of laughter while a photo is being taken might result in a squashed head. 

Big head

ashtag33/InstagramPanoramic photos gone wrong image 7

Surely she'll never fit through doorways with a head that size. Moving during panoramic bathroom selfies is just as much of a no-no as any other time. 

Walk in the park

Knuckztve/ImgurPanoramic photos gone wrong image 8

Nice day for a walk in the park, just be wary of who you might encounter. This long-armed chap seems to be both incredibly flexible and has thing for Autumn leaves.  

The two-headed dog

Panorama FailPanoramic photos gone wrong image 9

They say two heads are better than one. This dog would probably be happier with two bones and he certainly doesn't seem to know where to put himself. 


FallenCoffeePanoramic photos gone wrong image 10

Just imagine the sheer amount of fur this long-body, Centipede like cat would leave around the house. 

Dog sloth

heyredditheyreddit/RedditPanoramic photos gone wrong image 11

This poor pooch looks like he's seen better days as he sits by the edge of a river mulling his life and how it all went so horribly wrong. 

Two face

bobbystrack/RedditPanoramic photos gone wrong image 12

This chap has been blessed with the ability to easily look around corners but we're not too sure he'll be happy with the new shape of his face. 

Face off

43percentburnt/RedditPanoramic photos gone wrong image 1

This photo reminds us of the classic Nicolas Cage film "Face-off" as this tattooed man attempts to remove his own face and seems thoroughly confused by his ability to do so.

Arena fail

coltsrule87/RedditPanoramic photos gone wrong image 13

When posing for photographs, remember to keep still or you might lose your head. 

Bath time badness

theweirdwideweb/imgurPanoramic photos gone wrong image 14

We've heard of being "all arms and legs" but this really takes things to the next level. 

Sea change

RedditPanoramic photos gone wrong image 15

This snap looks like a scene out of Inception or perhaps an impending Tsunami. Either way it's certainly a good way to spoil a nice day out at the beach. 

A horse in motion

MentalMasochist/RedditPanoramic photos gone wrong image 16

We have no doubt that this horse could go places and fast. Though the jockey might be a bit of a weight issue, the fact that the horse is apparently mostly legs and not much else must say something for its speed. 

The one-legged cow

tarazye/RedditPanoramic photos gone wrong image 17

What is this we see before us? A genetically modified cow? A cloning experiment gone wrong? A subject of alien abduction? No, just some hilarious photography. 

Beach hand

MythOf1961/RedditPanoramic photos gone wrong image 18

It turns out that waving while a panoramic photo is being snapped is a great way to lose your head. Fantastic view, but there's always got to be someone ruining it. 

Headless child

ImgurPanoramic photos gone wrong image 19

They say never work with children and animals. We guess the same logic applies to panoramic photos too. 

Another two-headed dog

ImgurPanoramic photos gone wrong image 20

Another two-headed dog appears on our list. This one doesn't seem too sure which direction is more interesting, but at least multiple collars will allow the owner to keep it under control. 

Who needs a selfie stick anyway?

Strid3r21/RedditPanoramic photos gone wrong image 21

With an extendable arm that Inspector Gadget would be proud of, who needs a selfie stick for taking great snaps at the local museum? This girl appears to have mastered the art of taking the perfect self-portrait. 

Taking stumpy for a walk

RGS123/RedditPanoramic photos gone wrong image 22

Dogs seem to be featuring heavily in our list of awfully amusing panoramic photos. Here a dog in motion is captured on camera and seems to a have lost most of his body in the process. 

Leaping dog

tacoflavoredkissestacotacoburritoburrito/ImgurPanoramic photos gone wrong image 23

This photo appears to capture a dog who's caught a ball and is still mid-run. Some of his legs may be gone, but he doesn't seem to be letting it get him down. 

No back mountain

Panorama FailPanoramic photos gone wrong image 24

As far as hikers go, this one seems pretty well equipped. After all, if all you had to lug about was your head and legs, climbing mountains would be a lot easier. Unless you had to do any actual climbing of course. 

Casting off

CobeySmith/RedditPanoramic photos gone wrong image 25

With arms like that, casting a line must be pretty easy. Though the rod itself looks like it might have seen better days. 

Tailgate terror

HighFunctioningCrazyCatLady/ImgurPanoramic photos gone wrong image 26

Apparently, this young lady was simply bopping around to some tunes when this photograph was being taken. The result is a two-headed transformation that would have made Zaphod Beeblebrox proud.

Long armed punch

RedditPanoramic photos gone wrong image 27

This one is clearly staged. Some kids messing about in class managed to pull off this reasonably impressive image of one punching another with an extremely long arm. All without any Photoshopping of any kind. 

Short wheel base

therealrichii/InstagramPanoramic photos gone wrong image 28

We know that compact cars are popular, especially in India, but this photo really makes the whole thing a bit laughable. 

Trollface Mum

maddog595959/RedditPanoramic photos gone wrong image 29

A perfect shot of a trollface mother in the wild. An impressive set of gnashers and a disturbingly mischievous grin to boot. 

The broken boy

DavisReddit/RedditPanoramic photos gone wrong image 30

We can promise that no small children were harmed in the making of this photo, even if this boy does look like he's lost his legs in a horrific road accident. Don't try this at home. 

Why the long face?

ImgurPanoramic photos gone wrong image 31

Have you heard the one about the horse that wandered into a panoramic photograph? No barman would ask him why he had a long face. 

Short cat

ImgurPanoramic photos gone wrong image 32

This cat looks pretty grumpy and with good reason too - no ears and only two legs. Balancing must be hard, getting about equally so. 

Diabolical Dad

mcphadenmike/RedditPanoramic photos gone wrong image 33

Three hands and a mischievous smile which have us wondering what this dastardly Dad must be planning. 

Music room madness

ImgurPanoramic photos gone wrong image 34

This one time, at band camp, a girl charged across the room and ruined a perfectly good panoramic photo. Not to mention the fear she struck into our nightmares. 

Dog gone it

lukeallen1/RedditPanoramic photos gone wrong image 35

Another photo, another inexplicably long dog with many legs makes its way into our lives. At least catipede and the two headed dogs will have someone to keep them company. 

Short bus

cench/RedditPanoramic photos gone wrong image 36

Public transport is often crowded. We have no doubt that it would be a far lot worse if buses were really this size. 

I believe I can fly

olboyenvoy27/RedditPanoramic photos gone wrong image 37

Like something out of a music video or a heavenly vision, this photo appears to capture a man emerging both from the water and from the sky at the same time. 

Across the court

Crazyoutdoorsman2112/RedditPanoramic photos gone wrong image 38

Another example of a panoramic photo being manipulated through the power of movement. This one captures an impossibly long boy making his way across a basketball court on his back.

Long neck

lucasavancini/RedditPanoramic photos gone wrong image 39

If you needed further proof that panoramic photos and selfies don't mix, here it is staring back at you, long neck and all. 

Big game spot 

jeffrexsave/RedditPanoramic photos gone wrong image 40

It's not too often you see the crowd at a stadium appearing to be larger than the stadium itself, but then we're not sure half this crowd could pass for human either.

Hike of horror

gideonidoru/RedditPanoramic photos gone wrong image 41

Once again, the world is folding in on itself and a peaceful hike has turned into a nightmarish escape from reality. 

Headless hipster

ImgurPanoramic photos gone wrong image 42

If a hipster falls over in the woods and no one is there to photograph it, did they really fall?

The short body child

Pleated-JeansPanoramic photos gone wrong image 43

A small boy appears to have lost half his body in an otherwise peaceful photograph of the landscape. 

Granny grape

artimismurdoc/RedditPanoramic photos gone wrong image 44

Our granny always told us not to talk with our mouth full. It's one rule for the Goose and an entirely different rule for the Gander. 

The gymnast

tylergarner/imgurPanoramic photos gone wrong image 45

Children are wonderfully flexible creatures, this gangly one is surely an Olympic gymnast in the making. 

Short horse

GallowBoob/RedditPanoramic photos gone wrong image 46

Another short bodied horse prancing around without a care in the world. 

Girlfriend at the wheel

RedditPanoramic photos gone wrong image 47

Someone's happy to be at the steering wheel. Just remember kids, don't text and drive. 

Just swinging

doonkune/RedditPanoramic photos gone wrong image 48

This is one of those photographs you have to look at twice, look away, rub your eyes and try a third time. It's just a guy on a swing holding his own hand, no need to panic people. 

It lurks by the water's edge

trampolinefox /ImgurPanoramic photos gone wrong image 49

They say there's an invisible creature that lurks by the water's edge and stands ready to quickly and quietly push you into the cold waters. It's rare to see this creature captured on film.

Catwalk Catastrophe

RedditPanoramic photos gone wrong image 50

This model managed to make it down the catwalk so quickly that her feet arrived at the other end before she did.  

The headless camper


Breaking_bread/RedditPanoramic photos gone wrong image 51


You're just settling down for a nice peaceful spot of breakfast at the campsite and in wanders a headless man wearing flip flops. What's a person expected to do in this situation? Snap a picture of course, otherwise no one will believe it ever happened. 

Feeding the kittens

groovysunflowers.tumblr.comPanoramic photos gone wrong image 52

A long arm extends from the corner of the room and offers a treat to the family kittens. We're not quite sure how this photo was taken with the girl's arm extending like that but keeping her body relatively intact. 

Party monster

CollegeHumourPanoramic photos gone wrong image 53

If you ever want to scare your children, show them this photograph and tell them this is what happens if you don't treat alcohol with the respect it deserves. 

Stretch Limo

Akeleie/RedditPanoramic photos gone wrong image 54

From tiny compact cars to this gargantuan stretched limo, these panoramic photos really have it all. 

The conductor

The_Govenment/RedditPanoramic photos gone wrong image 55

Conductors have to have swift hands to keep the tunes flowing, this one appears to be conducting so quickly they've developed the ability to clone their own hands to get more out of their ensemble. 

On the boat

BuzzPsycho/RedditPanoramic photos gone wrong image 56

Multiple hands and a stick leg, this photo looks like one of the classic Photoshop gone wrong memes. 

Listening and questioning

mirthquake/RedditPanoramic photos gone wrong image 57

With hands like that, this chap probably needs to see a doctor. 

Headless Hound

J-Hawks/RedditPanoramic photos gone wrong image 58

We've seen dogs with multiple heads but this one appears to have lost his entirely with all the fun.

Heavy horse

RedditPanoramic photos gone wrong image 59

If a prancing horse ends up being a tiny shell of itself, then this one must really be lumbering about the place. 

Falling off the swing

RedditPanoramic photos gone wrong image 60

Is this a Ghost on a swing or a person just having too much fun in a Panoramic? 

Just tilt your head

RedditPanoramic photos gone wrong image 61

The food was so good she needed two heads to nod with appreciation. 

Long goat

ImgurPanoramic photos gone wrong image 62

Goats are notoriously grumpy creatures, we wouldn't want to butt heads with these two. 

Long dog

ImgurPanoramic photos gone wrong image 63

Long dog is no match for long goat, but he'd certainly give any sausage dog a run for their money.