The most famous ghost photographs ever taken

A family dinner is seemingly interrupted by a ghost apparition seemingly having from the rafters. (image credit: ligotti)
The main sitting in this cockpit wasn't there according to the lady posing for the picture. Is this the ghost of a long lost pilot? (image credit: The Society of Psychical Research)
The chap in the background of this photo wasn't there at the time and it's a mystery as to who it is. Another ghost spotting? (image credit: Terry Ike Clanton)
The circled man pictured here had actually died a few days before the photo was taken. Yet he somehow managed to appear alongside his comrades. (image credit: Sir Victor Goddard)
This photo supposedly shows the ghost of John DeFeo who was tragically killed along with this rest of his family by his older brother. (image credit: Ed and Lorraine Warren)
A ghostly figure is seen wearing what could be a monk's frock and bowing in prayer. Yet attendees at the event say no such person was there. (image credit: Fortean Picture Library)
Somehow this lady's husband managed to appear in this photo despite passing away seven years before. (image credit: Denise Russell)
An angel-like figure is seen here overlooking a terrible road traffic accident where the driver was lucky to survive. (image credit: Sharon Boo)
A man is seen in his car with his mother riding in the back. Except she had died before the photo was taken. (image credit: Mabel Chinnery)
Taken in an area of a cemetary with children's graves nearby, this image seems to show a young ghost posing for a photo. (image credit: Mrs. Andrews)
This photo seems to show the ghostly likeness of two men who had died onboard the SS Watertown and had been buried at sea, (image credit: Keith Tracy)
Reverend K.F. Lord says this photo of a ghostly figure at Newby Church in North Yorkshire, is genuine and no one was there when to took the original image. (image credit: Reverend K. F. Lord)
In the top right of this photo you can see a figure who apparently bears a similarity to someone that had recently been buried nearby. (image credit: Chris Brackley)
Another church, another ghostly visitor. This ghost has been reported as being seen before in this location too. (image credit: Peter Berthelot)
The vision seen here is said to be the ghost of Lord Combermere, a British cavalry commander from the 1800s. (image credit: Sybell Corbett)
This image is said to show to ghost of a woman who was locked in a room and left to die by her husband after he discovered she'd been unfaithful. (image credit: Captain Hubert C. Provand)
Some of these ghostly photos could just be explained away as double exposures, but there's no denying they're interesting. (image credit: R.S. Blance)
Photo experts have all agreed that this photo hasn't been tampered with, so is considered a genuine example of ghosts' existence. (image credit: Rev. Ralph Hardy)
Here Robert A. Ferguson is seen giving a speech, while the ghost of his deceased brother Walter is seen peering over him. (image credit: Robert A. Ferguson)
This image was taken by the Ghost Research Society of America and seemingly shows a woman who wasn't actually there. (image credit: Ghost Research Society of America)
This classic ghost photo is actually a fake, but still tricked many into thinking it was the ghost of a girl standing in a burnt town hall. (image credit: Tony O'Rahilly)
Another case of a person being there who wasn't. This seems to show an old, long deceased church minister, but no one was there at the time the photo was taken. (image credit: From Brad Steiger's Real Ghosts, Restless Spirits and Haunted Places)
For a long time this was thought to be the first photo ever taken of a ghost. But now it's believed to be a simple case of double-exposure. (image credit: William Mumbler)
A digital photo shows a ghostly figure touching one of the two girls seen in this photo, yet no one was there. (image credit: Ghost Research Society)
This eerie image apparently depicts Mary Lee, a nurse who hung herself in the hospital. (image credit: waverlyhillslouisville)
This photo taken by Andy and Debi Chesney appears to show some ghostly apparitions that people have suggested look like ghosts of the children. (image credit: Andy and Debi Chesney)