(Pocket-lint) - We first saw the DxO One camera - a 1-inch sensor unit that connects to the iPhone Lightning connector - in September 2015. We thought it had potential, but was a mix of high and low points. Now, with its fourth software update due 1 September 2016, it adds Wi-Fi connectivity to improve its capabilities. There are also forthcoming accessories.

The addition of Wi-Fi connectivity means the DxO One can be used remotely from the iPhone, with the phone used to control the unit on the same Wi-Fi network. That means, assuming the network is one and the same, the two devices can be spaced apart - whether an arm's length or a couple of storeys, it's up to you - for more creative control.

As the DxO One connects to the iPhone or iPad via the Lightning connector, it means the Wi-Fi data can be passed from phone to the camera, without the need to faff about setting up both components, which is a neat solution. In addition, Wi-Fi connectivity also means less lag than at launch, which is a notable benefit.

If you're not in a Wi-Fi network area then the option for Wi-Fi direct means phone and camera can be paired to operate up to 45-metres away from one another - which is still pretty good going.


In addition to the Wi-Fi functionality, the new DxO One software will also bring better battery management via a new Autofocus On-Demand (AF-OD) feature, which will only focus after you ask the camera to; in addition to Mobile Smart Lighting, which is like DxO's HDR (high dynamic range) option to equalise shadows and highlight detail in slight, medium or strong presets.

The new accessories comprise the DxO Stand, for tripod mounting, priced £20; the DxO Outdoor Shell, for waterproofing to 45-metres, including a tripod mount and GoPro mount, available in six colours, priced £50; the DxO Optical Adapter, a trio of snap-on 30.5mm filter threads, to add in your own filters, priced £20; and the DxO Zipped Pouch, a mini carry case for the camera, priced £20.

Looks as though the DxO One is on the up. It's still only available for iPhone/iPad, of course, given its Lightning connector, priced £399. We have the refreshed model in hand, so will be updating our original review in due course to see whether the new software will iron out the low points we found at launch day.

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Writing by Mike Lowe.