These impressive looking underwater drones caught our eye at this year’s Computex. They look like something out of the James Bond movies, but are actual devices that could help divers capture their best moments.

Should you want to grab some awesome underwater footage in either salt of fresh water, the Seawolf range has got you covered.

There are four different models designed to be operated using a GoPro. The Ocean Master is priced at £1,375 and comes with a radio control monitor system with a 7-inch screen. You simply place your camera in the front section and launch. It’s quite heavy, at 9.3kg, but comes with a wheeled suitcase so you can get it around more easily.

Under the water it can travel at a speed of 2-knots (2.3mph) and can go down to depths of up to 60-metres. There’s removable ballast for rapid buoyancy adjustment as well.

The VR360 boasts a 360-degree camera for all your virtual reality needs. It can only go down to 25-metres, but that’s still impressive. The camera is a Luna 360, Full HD 1920 x 960 model.  It has 32GB storage and is, of course, waterproof. There is no price currently available as it is still in development.

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The Deeepsea Challenger costs £1,240 and is designed for divers with a single-handed waterproof controller. It can dive down to 60 metres.

The Seawolf Chrome comes in at £1,100 and is operated from an iPhone or iPad using an app for wireless control. The control distance is approximately 50-metres and the drone can only be used in fresh water.  It can go down to 25-metres though, so you could use it to look for Nessie.

The developer offered to take us out on its next sea trip so keep tuned here to see more on the VR360 as it finalises the specs.