The future of broadcast is in virtual reality, where viewers feel as if they're really in the action with a 360-degree view. It's Sphericam that's going to help bring that future closer.

The Sphericam 2 is a VR camera that, unlike others out there, can stitch together the video from its 4K60p cameras live. That means there's no need for editing afterwards and that the footage can technically be broadcast live, as it's happening.

It also means the entire process happens within the camera itself which is battery powered and the size of a baseball. That means it can easily be mounted via a pole that allows for a 360-degree perspective. It also means the footage captured is, as the company says, "Oculus ready" to be viewed directly in virtual reality.

That should mean that Sphericam 2 does for VR video capture what GoPro did for high quality action camera recording. This could put the power of live VR broadcasting into the hands of far more people. Here's hoping VR continues to catch on so there's an audience waiting to enjoy it all.

Despite being a world first the company aims to sell the Sphericam 2 for $2,500 when it becomes available later in the summer after going into full production from July.

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