Olloclip has been around for years as a means to enhance the camera on iPhones and now Samsung Galaxy S devices too. The result is that some seriously jaw-dropped photos are appearing online, which we've collected here.

Olloclip has plenty of offerings but one of the most popular is the 4-in-1. This tip-top model easily clips onto the camera of the smartphone to offer enhanced lenses. This has four lenses: fisheye, wide-angle, 10x macro and 15x macro which can be changed by flipping the Olloclip.

The result of the Olloclip popularity has been its own hashtag and a consequent flood of photos onto Twitter, Instagram and more. The vast majority of them are actually great.

The Olloclip is able to make normally mundane scenes look stunning. That applied with a decent cameraphone, and a bit of an eye for a shot, has resulted in brilliant nature snaps and mind-bending macros.

From fisheye photos of cities to super-zoomed macro shots of insects and food, the Olloclip enhanced images we've collected should impress.

We'll be constantly updating this feature so if you want to submit your own efforts be sure to include the @pocketlint handle when you next tweet using #olloclip. Or send them directly to

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