It's been many years since the first skier strapped a shoulder camera to his helmet and threw himself down a mountain. In that time action cameras have shrunk, flying has become cheaper and now everyone is sharing super shots.

From GoPro to Sony to Rollei, there are plenty of action camera options out there. Each can not only produce Full HD video but also high resolution photos. Generally they have wide angle lenses too so every scene looks even more wide-spanning and impressive.

Water-proofing and shock-proofing are other necessary improvements that most action cameras possess. This means stunning underwater photography, surfing shots, mountain biking photography and more. Not having to worry about damaging the expensive kit is a great motivator in pushing limits to help produce some of the most amazing photos.

Since most cameras offer an accompanying app it's also possible to check footage and photos while on the scene. That means if it's not perfect a new attempt can be made. The result is even better action camera photography than ever before.

We've been collecting great shots from around the interwebs that showcase the world from the unique perspective of an action cam. If these photos don't make you want to go out to get extreme action shots of your own you're beyond help.

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