(Pocket-lint) - The iPhone has become so much more than a phone that many are using the Apple smartphone instead of a video or stills camera.

Olloclip, the company that makes dedicated lenses for the iPhone, has branched out with a new "Studio" accessory that lets you quickly add a series of other accessories to your iPhone to help you film or photograph.  

The core of the set is a special protective case that clips over your iPhone and then allows you to add a number of brackets quickly and efficiently though a groove on the back of the cover.

The idea is that you simply expand the iPhone's capabilities for what you need, with all the bracket accessories you need coming in the box. You will need to already have the lights, tripods, and mics though. 

In the box you get the Stuido case, two cold shoe mounts for adding lights or grips for example, a 1/4-20 mount portrait, a 1/4-20 mount landscape; perfect for adding radio mics or a tripod, a finger grip to make it easier to hold, and a kickstand for when you want to watch back what you've just filmed.


The accessories have been set off centre to help balance everything when loaded, and getting the brackets on and off is very easy: You simply slide them to the wider opening within the rail.

The Studio case has, as you might expect, also been designed to hold the company's range of lenses - and combined with the right lens (we are currently enjoying the ultra-wide lens at the moment) the system works really well.

The Olloclip Studio could easily come across as a glorified case for the iPhone, and ultimately that's what it is, however if you are looking for a way to bolt a top light, a mic, and then have it all attached to a tripod, so filming or photographing your next thing is a lot easier, this is money very well spent.  

Olloclip’s Studio is designed for both an iPhone 6/6s and iPhone 6/6s Plus in black/black for £69.99.

Writing by Stuart Miles.