A cute camera aimed at kids has been revealed at CES 2016 in Las Vegas this week. Called Pic, the 8-megapixel camera comes on a long bendy rod that can be twisted around things like your arm or a bag.

The concept is that your kids can snap away storing pictures on the device's 16GB internal memory, and then connect to your laptop, tablet or phone, to see the end results.

The unit comes with Bluetooth connectivity, but only so you can use a smartphone as a remote control.

Pocket-lintpic a bendy cute camera for kids image 2

Where the cute element comes in is that there are five colours including apricot, pink, white, grey, and blue, and that there are three "character" tops with wild hair, three eyes, or horns to give the camera some life. The company tells Pocket-lint that more characters are planned for later in the year. 

With minimal controls, and a very much GoPro approach to snapping pictures (there is no viewfinder) this is very much about letting kids explore photography in an easy way.

The Pic is expected to cost $150.