(Pocket-lint) - Light is a photography company that was founded to make photography better and it may just do that with its L16 Camera.

The Light L16 Camera was designed to battle the trade-off between a large DSLR for quality and compact camera for portability. It purports to offer both. The idea is to offer high quality photos in a compact and portable form.

The L16 Camera features 16 small and inexpensive camera modules that capture multiple high-res shots at varying focal lengths, all at once. These are intelligently fused together for a 52-megapixel photo which can have focus edited after, like a Lytro and now many mobiles offer. This also means "exceptional low-light performance", according to the creators.

The shutter is the only physical button with everything else controlled through the 5-inch touchscreen. This also allows on-device editing and sharing via social media like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

The camera looks like a digital camera, a smartphone and a fly had a robot lovechild, filled with lots of camera lenses for eyes. Not at all creepy.

The Light L16 Camera will be available in late summer 2016 for $1,699. Although a limited pre-order number will be available until 6 November for $1,299.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.