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(Pocket-lint) - Everyone knows that smooth footage is the way to go for pro-looking videos.

But action-cams are all the rage right now - and even the best in-camera digital stabilisation tricks aren't going to stop your videos of mountain climbing or biking or surfing from having a few bumps and motion blur.

Although you could get a camera-carrying drone with a three-axis gimbal, those setups are pricey and sometimes more cumbersome in certain filming situations. So, you need an alternative solution... and XSories realises that.

The audio-visual accessories company has therefore come up with an "electronic stabiliser" that is able to steady everything from smartphones to action cameras. The stabiliser is called the X-Steady Electro.

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It is designed to be handheld, has one axis of horizontal stabilisation, provides up to 90 minutes of brushless motor-driven steadying, weighs just 220g, and comes with an orange foam grip. It also has a variety of mounts for cameras up to 210g in weight, including ones from GoPro, Sony, and Contour.

X-Soriesx steady electro handheld rig for action cams and phones keeps vids silky smooth image 2

"The XSories X-Steady Electro stays perfectly flat and significantly reduces camera shake," X-Stores explained. "HorizonDrive technology ensures dynamic compositions remain on point and pixel perfect even when shooting in the highest resolutions and under the most challenging circumstances."

Apparently, the "HorizonDrive" technology makes sure the horizon in your videos stays still, but unfortunately, the X-Steady is not waterproof or splash resistant, so you'll have to stay on dry land with this rig.

If you're still interested, it'll be available in October for £179.99.

Writing by Elyse Betters. Originally published on 11 September 2015.