There's a new camera available that's being billed as an action camera, but it's probably more like a smart camera, because it's equipped with enough technology to record and edit what you might think is memorable.

Called Graava, the new action camera can shoot full HD 1080p video at 30 fps (or 720p at 60 fps). It can also do 4K hyperlapse video (or 1080p and 720p) as well as capture 8-megapixel wide photos. It features image stabilsation too, along with a 130-degree angle of view, fixed focus and the ability to record continuous loop video.

But what truly makes this device stand out is features like wireless charging, ARM dual-core processor, built-in GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, 1100mAh battery, accelerometer, gyro, light sensor, heart rate, two "high-quality" microphones, and a speaker. All of this hardware basically allows the Graava do be both a director and editor.

Graava can detect motion and sound and heart rate data, and based on that information, it captures photos, time-lapses, hyperlapse videos, and standard videos. It also analyses all that video to cut down your footage into shareable clips filled with moments you actually care to watch again. It then saves the clips to the cloud and allows you to share them.

Graava has a water-resistant IP67, so you don't have to worry about rain, splashing, or submersion, and the camera's app offers a viewfinder and some remote-control capabilities. You can also get accessories for Graava.

To see this action-cam in, well, action, watch the launch video above. And if this sort of thing interests you, pre-orders for the Graava have just kicked off. It costs $249 (with a limited-time savings of $150).