Amazing and cringe-worthy selfies: From the dangerous to the downright gross

Never work with children or animals, even when it comes to selfies. (image credit: Runt of the web)
Things have gone a bit wrong on this aeroplane, but it's ok as they chap had the foresight to snap a selfie. (image credit: Blaze Press)
A multiple device selfie like no other you're likely to see. Today at least. (image credit: Imgur)
If a bear is nearby, don't stick around to take a selfie, That's not common sense. (image credit: @coconutchanel)
Russian Instagram sensation Angela Nikolau has no fear. Or a death wish. (image credit: angela_nikolau)
Boasting about your robberies on social media is not a smart move. (image credit: New York Post)
This might be a cool selfie but it's also in pretty bad taste.    (image credit: SIBT Students)
Photographic proof that it's worth checking your surroundings before snapping a selfie. (image credit: vinnyty/reddit)
Stephanie Leigh Rose is a hilarious Instagrammer who's had enough of the cliché tourist selfie and has taken a new stance. (image credit: Stephanie Leigh Rose)
You think your selfie game is amazing, then you see this one. (image credit: @GeorgeKourounis)
What's more manly than muscles and a passion for Hello Kitty? (image credit:
Nope, nope, nope. (image credit:
And they say romance is dead. (image credit: Twitter)
Nothing like a pre-surgery selfie to capture a special moment in your life. (image credit:
Oof, not an ideal position to be in. Casually floating in the sea with a sinking plane in the background. (image credit: GartAlgar (Imgur))
Selfies are nothing new. They were even doing it in the good old days. (image credit: