The selfie phenomenon is unrelenting, you can't open a browser without someone's self-taken mugshot gurning down on you.

That said, we'd be lying if we didn't dot our own social media accounts with a surreptitiously taken smartphone snap taken at arm's length, quite often featuring ourselves and a celebrity that would rather be anywhere else. So who are we to cast judgement on others?

Of course, there are some selfie takers that just beg for us to not only cast judgement but to ruthlessly take the Michael. After all, they've done most of the hard work for us and, in many ways, their picture already humiliates them as much as we ever could.

That's why we've collected some of the best and worst selfies found from around the web in a handy to flick through gallery above. There are 45 to check out, along with the amazing picture of a sloth taken by Twitter user @AndrewBloch. He said at the time, "I'm totally against the selfie-stick but every now and then an exception comes along." We totally agree.

Others are quite admirable too, although some are just downright stupid. And then there are some that reside in a category we haven't even made up yet. We certainly hope you have as good a laugh looking through them as much as we did.

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We've also included our favourite selfie YouTube video too, which you can watch below and marvel at just how dumb members of our species can be sometimes. Enjoy.