(Pocket-lint) - Superheroes tend to hang out on rooftops, a lot. It's not just physically helpful as a way to watch out for crime below, before swooping in, but also represents how they lord over us mere mortals. So what better place to capture them than where they think they're alone.

Alright these aren't real superheroes, or the actors that play them. In fact – spoiler alert - superheroes aren't even real. Well, not the type that could survive a fall this like anyway. These photos were all taken of real people taking real risks with some really cool camera skills.

The project was part of a company called SmugMug which has been making films of photography in action. Co-founder Chris and Don MacAskill have already created a film with astronaut and photographer Don Pettit shooting the earth from space as well as surf photographer Chris Burkard in action.

The latest project combines a very tall building in San Francisco with some of the SmugMug team in costume apparently with no fear of heights, or concept of gravity. Benjamin Von Wong took control as photographer and visual engineer. Shooting the superheroes involved a very high ladder placed on the corner of the building. And we thought cleaning out the gutters was risky business.

The film itself can be viewed below while the gallery of how it was all done with end results is above.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.