We've seen plenty of photographs taken in extreme conditions before but we can safely say that the photographer who took these pictures is the fastest. In travel terms.

Chris Ryding is a flight trials photographer who works for BAE Systems' military aircraft division and as such travels at unbelievable speeds in order to capture fighter planes in flight. He even takes pictures when sitting in the back seat of a Typhoon travelling at 1,000mph - snapping shots when under incredible G forces.

"There aren’t many people that can claim to have a job where they get to ride in the back of an aircraft like a Typhoon," said Ryding. "I get to fly with some of the best test pilots in the world. We have to build up a relationship of close co-operation in the cockpit so that I can get the right shots at the right time. I feel extremely lucky to be doing what I do."

And we're blown away by the images he manages to capture. As is BAE Systems as they are not just to put on the wall of the company canteen but to give vital information to the research and development teams. The inflight photography supports trials data to ensure the aircraft are working the way they should.

They also look cool, of course. Just check out the gallery above.

BAE Systems