(Pocket-lint) - The art of the selfie has become as common as any traditional photo, but it's still not a true art form. At least it wasn't until one clever person decided to reimagine classic portrait art from a selfie perspective.

Danish designer Olivia Muus had the clever idea of making portraits look like they were being taken as selfies. By holding a her camera up in front of portraits at the National Gallery of Denmark she's created her own art form in the Museum of Selfies.

The art form has since caught on with other people imitating her technique at galleries all over the world. You've got to love how ingeniously simple but effective this selfie snapping method is.

Anyone can submit their selfie snaps via direct email or with the Instagram hashtag of #museumofselfies. A separate camera is needed to get the phone in shot and with the wrist at the correct angle some might be easier with a friend helping out.

We've compiled all the great snaps taken so far in a gallery so you can flick through to find your favourite. Let us know if you go out to submit some of your own. Also it'd be interesting to hear if anyone has any trouble in places where photography isn't permitted.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.