We've all seen the amazing actioncam footage of surfers or base jumpers, but what about from the point of view of man's best friend, or a bird?

In what appears to be a growing trend, companies like GoPro are launching dedicated accessories to attach your camera to your dog, cat, or in the case of Sony, an eagle. 

For the Japanese electronics giant, that urge to get an "eagle-eye" view has seen the company team up with French charity Freedom to film a flight from the top of the Eiffel Tower down into the Trocadéro Gardens to be greeted by handler Jacques Olivier Travers.

The not-for-profit organisation Freedom is trying to re-introduce the white-tailed eagle into its natural habitat in the French and Swiss Alps 50 years after it vanished from the landscape. In a hope to spread the word, it mounted the Sony HDR-AZ1 Action Cam Mini on the back of the eagle to capture the flight.

The accuracy of the bird is amazing. 

Sony says it is providing its Action Cam camcorders to Freedom to allow them to accurately document the flights of white-tailed eagles. Freedom is going to use this footage to study the behaviour of the eagles to better understand the work that needs to be done to prepare the terrain for their re-introduction. The upshot for us is that we can expect a lot more action videos in the future.

But it's not just eagles. Cat and dog owners around the globe are in on the action too, and mainly just for kicks.

We've rounded up five great pet-cam action videos to share with you:

Eagle over Paris 

Walter can't wait to get to the sea

Cat on a hot tin roof

Dog with a stick

A beautiful day at the park

Do you have any pet action videos to share? Let us know the best ones you've found in the comments below.