Wearable still cameras have been overshadowed by the GoPros and Sony Action Cams of this world, but there is good reason to hope that they will become more mass market soon. In the right hands or, more accurately around the right necks, they can capture stunning photographs that are just not possible through a conventional camera or smartphone.

The Autographer is perhaps leading the charge in lifelogging snappers, with its own community of amateur and professional photographers alike posting some incredible, spontaneous pics. And it's also the wearable camera Pocket-lint has used during feature shoots, such as our day spent photographing acts at the V Festival a couple of years ago in order to capture a different perspective of the action.

It's not the only wearable still camera on the market, nor the most discrete, but we've found it to be the most accessible and certainly the results from users around the globe have been interesting and varied.

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So we've decided to curate a few of them in a gallery of some of our favourites. The 136-degree wide-angle, almost fish eye lens is often used to great effect. And while the camera only has a 5-megapixel sensor, some of the pictures taken in the dark have come out brilliantly.

The wearable camera revolution might not have kicked off big style yet, but with these pictures in mind it can only be a matter of time.

All images are copyright Autographer unless otherwise mentioned in the captions.

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