Best GoPro photos in the world, prepare to lose your breath

Though you'd usually associate GoPro images with action shots, sometimes simple photos of pets can be amazing too. (image credit: Miriam Borrego Ruiz)
Another simple stationary view. This incredibly calm view of Lake Bled, Slovenia, shows a 4 am sunrise over a peaceful lake. (image credit: GoPro/Filippo Bellisola)
Mitchell Pettigrew is an amateur photographer with an eye for landscape photography. Here painting a picture of peace at the beach. (image credit: GoPro/Mitchell Pettigrew)
Niqolas Ruud shows us what it's like to climb a steep mountain face, supporting teammates and fellow climbers along the way. (image credit: Niqolas Ruud)
This fantastic photograph captures the cheerful face of a magnificent marine mammal swimming in the waters of Laguna Beach, California.  (image credit: Alex Robert)
A massive shark shows off his razor-sharp teeth for all to enjoy - or at least cower in fear from. Hopefully, this GoPro user was safe inside a cage. (image credit: Nicol Wright)
This chap is up to some underwater shenanigans for sure. We love the submerged view of the clouds though. Another fantastic GoPro photo from inviting waters.  (image credit: GoPro)
On the wing of a glider or light aircraft, the humble GoPro gives us a brilliant view of the world from high above the earth. (image credit: Gordon Better)
These cameras are also strong favourites among parkour enthusiasts. You'll often see these sorts of vertigo-inducing snaps from high above the rooftops.  (image credit: GoPro)
Sparklers and fireworks can be combined with GoPro's clever camera settings to create works of art like this where shapes and patterns are created from light. (image credit: GoPro)
This image shows two airborne fellows finding a new friend high in the sky. We're not sure the feathered chap is as happy to see them as they are it though.  (image credit: GoPro)
A magnificent view of the world with balloons of all shapes and sizes being released into the skies. (image credit: GoPro)
Not for those afraid of heights, but brilliant to observe from afar.  (image credit: GoPro)
Another example of an unusual photo that shows just how versatile GoPro cameras can be.   (image credit: GoPro)
A view from a kayak shows a narrow passage through the waterway with colourful cliff faces rising on either side. (image credit: GoPro)
We're not quite sure how this GoPro photo was taken, but there's no denying it's awesome. (image credit: GoPro)
This chap is seemingly being kissed by an Octopus.  (image credit: @Ibrahim.aljledi)