GoPro has recently released its sixth-generation action camera, the Hero 6 Black.  The company has even released the Fusion, a camera capable of taking 360-degree photos. 

The Hero 6 Black is the more feature-packed of the two, and can take HDR photos for the first time on a GoPro camera. GoPro has also added a 2x digital zoom and a new Night Mode that takes 10-second exposure stills. 

Which means the Hero 6 Black is capable of taking stunning images, although even if you have an older GoPro camera, the picture quality is still sublime. Thanks to the camera, and video stills, the internet is awash with stunning images from GoPros around the world. Finding them all is a bit of a job, so we've done it for you.

From surfing and skydiving to animal close-ups and stunning scenery, this gallery has some breath taking images that we only get to see thanks to the GoPro. No longer are rare wildlife photos restricted to pros who spend years awaiting the perfect shot – now thousands of GoPros are scanning the world all at once, constantly. We're only ever going to get more amazing shots to wow us.