(Pocket-lint) - Eyefi has announced that it will be offering users of its Wi-Fi-enabled SD cards a dedicated photo-centric cloud service where they can instantly store pictures taken on their cameras.

Eyefi Cloud is available for smartphone and tablet users who download the Eyefi Mobi apps for their devices. As soon as they sign up to the service for the first time, they will get three months free to try it out. It will then cost £34.99 for a yearly subscription which allows the user to store an unlimited amount of photos.

It is mainly aimed at users of the Eyefi Mobi cards. When a picture is taken on a DSLR or other digital camera and stored on the card, it will be sent to the Eyefi Mobi app on a smartphone or tablet. The app will then subsequently organise the high quality shot and send it to the Eyefi Cloud service to be viewed, shared or managed on any device that connects to the internet.

Eyefi Mobi SD cards contain local storage as well as Wi-Fi transmitters and start at £33.99 for an 8GB class 10 card. A 16GB card costs £49.99, while the 32GB card is £65.99.

You can find out more about the Eyefi Cloud service and iOS and Android Eyefi Mobi apps at en.eyefi.com.

Writing by Rik Henderson.