Autographer manufacturer OMG Life has announced it is collaborating with British accessories designer Lulu Guinness to create and sell a limited edition handbag that features a dedicated pocket and hole to use with the wearable camera.

The Autographer device is a hands-free automatic camera that you usually wear around your neck or clipped to clothing. It takes pictures when it feels certain criteria is met, thereby storing memories and pictorial diary entries of your movements and experiences.

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It has a 5-megapixel sensor and an extremely wide-angle lens so much of what is in front of you will be snapped. And it can take up to 2,000 images per day, which it stores on an 8GB hard drive. Dedicated applications for iPhone and Android allow you to manage the photos and share them socially.

The "Archive Eyes" designed bag from Guinness' autumn/winter 2014 collection means that the more fashion concious out there can get a bag's eye view of the summer. Finally you'll get to see what your bag sees.

"I've always tried to push boundaries and looked to think outside the box with my designs. I have been following the growing interest in wearable technology within the fashion industry, so am excited to partner with Autographer and take our first steps to merge the two with a touch of style and humour," said Guinness.

The limited edition bags will be on sale in Lulu Guinness stores and online from 30 July for £395 each. The Autographer camera is available from for £299.