German camera maker Rollei has launched its Wi-Fi-enabled action camcorder in the UK. It is called the S-30.

The S-30 provides high-quality video-recording capabilities along with extreme ruggedness. Not only does it come with an extensive accessory package, which includes an underwater housing, protective casing, and tripod mount, among many other things, but it is also shock-proof up to three meters and waterproof up to 10 meters.

With those types of protective features, you can use the S-30 to shoot 1080p video resolution with a 120-degree wide angle lens while on outrageous expeditions or in a variety of weather conditions. The actioncam also provides a Wi-Fi range of up to 10 meters and live video-streaming through an iOS or Android app, enabling you to record and broadcast your adventures.

“We hope to inspire even more sports enthusiasts and ensure thrill seekers never miss the perfect moment of all their adventures. Rollei has been committed to making photography relevant and accessible for over 90 years and we’re pleased to still be helping to spark sports enthusiasts imaginations," said Jeremy Rother, sales manager at Rollei UK, in a statement.

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The Rollei S-30 costs €149.95. It is available in the colours Schwarz, Orange, and Gelb. Other features include a 1.5-inch colour LCD display, 2MP CMOS sensor, speaker, and microphone