Autographer has released an Android version of its smartphone app that allows a user to see and share the pictures stored on the company's wearable camera.

An iPhone app has been available since the camera's launch last summer but while Android smartphone owners could use the PC or Mac desktop software to access their pictures, they couldn't do so in a more mobile fashion before.

The new app is available as a free download for Android from the Google Play app store. It includes simple preview options, allowing users to browse photos stored on the camera in chronological order. It also offers the ability to select single or multiple images to create animated GIFs or stop-motion video.

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Users can also share from within the app to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. And images can be tagged and marked as favourites for viewing later. They can also be deleted to make more room on the camera itself.

The Autographer takes pictures automatically based on set algorithms. It can take many or few and will tend to rely on lighting levels and whether there are people in shot, along with other parameters. At the end of a session, you can view the pictures in order to make a visual diary of your day.

The device costs £299 and comes in a variety of colours, including black, blue, green and yellow. The company has also recently released a waterproof kit that completely seals the camera in a fully submersible IPX 8 see-through bag that can stay under water up to 10 metres deep for up to 30 minutes. That allows for underwater life chronicling too.