(Pocket-lint) - If the ice sliding, snow bombing, adventures of the Winter Olympics have you eager to share your own adrenaline-seeking snow-times then Rollei can help.

The camera manufacturer Rollei has just announced new ski goggles and sunglasses that come with built-in cameras.

The Rollei Ski Goggles feature a 135-degree wide angle lens and 5-megapixel, 1920 x 1080p resolution video camera. They're also splashproof so should be able to handle your most impressive wipeouts. They have a 90-minute battery life and support up to 32 GB microSD cards.

The Rollei Sunglasses Cam 100 and Cam 200 come with 1920 x 1080 video capabilities for shooting at 30fps as well as 5-megapixel photography. The Cam 100 has a 63-degree lens while the Cam 200 has a wide-angle 135-degree lens. These can both also manage audio recording in stereo and have a battery life of up to 60 minutes, recording to the 4GB storage or 32GB microSD.

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Despite cramming in covert agent technology both the goggles and glasses actually look good. And with Rollei's history in making cameras it's a safe bet the footage should look impressive too.

Jeremy Rother, UK sales manager at Rollei, says: "With our new range of Ski Goggles launching on to the UK market, we hope to inspire even more sports enthusiasts and daredevils to create exciting and beautiful videos of all their adventures."

The Rollei Ski Goggles are available now for €230. The Sunglasses Cam 100 are €130 and the Sunglasses Cam 200 are €170 - both available now. They're are launching in the UK soon with pricing to follow.

Writing by Luke Edwards.