Solwise has a new version of its HomePlug IP camera with the 500AV standard built in, and it's called the SEC-PCQ-500S.

You can set up Solwise's latest HomePlug IP camera using an iPhone or Android smartphone simply by scanning a QR code. You can also view the camera's images using Solwise's app or computer software, making this HomePlug IP camera a truly on-the-go home monitoring system.

Apart from built-in 500AV, key features include a 1/4-inch CMOS VGA sensor, manual pan and tilt, motion JPEG file format, and support for up to 7 additional cameras on one HomePlug network group. All Solwise cameras haved the AR7420 HomePlug chipset, so the SEC-PCQ-500S does work with any HomePlug standard adapter.

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As for video resolution specs, Solwise's HomePlug IP camera offers 12fps at 640x480, 20fps at 320x240, or 30fps at 160x120. It also has infrared technology with a 5-meter distance, as well as a 3.6mm F2.0 lens with a 78-degree angle.

You can purchase the SEC-PCQ-500S for £68.65 at Solwise's website. App software requirements include iOS 4.0 and later or Android 2.1 and later. Computer software requirements include Windows XP and later (it is not compatible with Mac OS X).