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(Pocket-lint) - Though it's not likely to replace your Canon or Nikon digital camera, the creatives over at Adafruit have come up with a clever new trick for your Raspberry Pi computer to turn it into a camera with a touchscreen with just a few extra parts.

Shown-off on video, the PiTFT Mini Kit to can attach a touchscreen and the Raspberry Pi Camera Board to add a 5-megapixel camera shooter to the rig. A standard SD memory card is required for saving images, and if you really want to get crafty, a Wi-Fi adapter and USB battery pack can be added for ultimate portability.

It's probably not too logistical to build a camera out of a Raspberry Pi, but it's certainly neat. On the money side it doesn't make the most sense either, costing roughly $100 for the bare-bones version. But creative minds love this kind of stuff. 

Adafruit has detailed instructions on its website, if you're interested in having a go. The do-it-yourself Raspberry Pi camera even has software to add visual effects to photos or send them over to Dropbox if you have the Wi-Fi accessory attached.

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The Raspberry Pi has gained a lot of popularity in the hacking community, and it was revealed in November that 2 million units have been sold since February 2012. Popular Raspberry Pi hacks include turning it into an AirPlay speaker receiver, XBMC media centre, Ice Cream Sandwich machine and more. Its cheap price of $30 makes for an impulse buy, and apparently a neat camera. 

Writing by Jake Smith.