Imagine recording everything you see so you can watch it back at a later date. Glance at a gig poster and forget the band name? Have a funny moment with your child you want to record? MeMini lets you re-watch it all.

The MeMini will clip to your clothes and allow you to enjoy the Recall function to watch back the last 5 minutes of recording, a bit like on Sky or Tivo. Just hit the recall button and the last 5 mintues will be saved ready for you to watch back whenever you like in full 1080p.

You will need to know when you plan to capture moments as the MeMini will have a battery life of just three hours. But using a magnetic back clip, called Magnatach, it should be easy to attach to any clothes without marking them.

While the MeMini is still at the Kickstarter stage it appears you'll be able to share recordings and their storage location using a smartphone companion app.

Pick up your MeMini on Kickstarter now from $149 per pledge.