Oregon Scientific has taken a step into the camera world of children. Its new ATC Gecko is designed for the youth to allow them to capture action packed moments without worry of damaging the kit.

The ATC Gecko is light and compact so it can be attached anywhere without being noticed. At 40g you can even clip it to a hat without if affecting balance.

The Gecko has a 170-degree field of view and shoots at 720p resolution. It also comes with four different colour changeable covers. It has with clip and strap options so it can be easily attached to whatever the child choses, be it a bike or a helmet. It’s also splash-proof but you can buy a waterproof case which is good down to 60 metres.

The 450mAh lithium polymer battery delivers 1.5 hours use on a charge. The camera can take up to 32GB microSD cards for storage.

The Oregon Scientific ATC Gecko is available now for £90.