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(Pocket-lint) - Lytro has pushed out a software update called Lytro 3D that allows Lytro camera users to view their photos in 3D.

The Lytro 3D update includes Lytro Desktop for Mac and Windows and Lytro Mobile for iOS, and it essentially enables Lytro camera users to view their Perspective Shift photos on 3D displays via HDMI or AirPlay. AllThingsD claimed it would also work on standard displays, as long as Lytro users have red-blue 3D glasses.

"With the release today of Lytro Desktop 3.1 for Mac and Windows available for download at Lytro.com and Lytro Mobile 1.2 for iOS, living pictures that have been processed for Perspective Shift can now take on a new dimension of storytelling in 3D," said Lytro in a release. "This is the first camera that allows photographers to create a 3D image with a single exposure at the push of a button."

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Lytro is a camera-focused start-up founded in 2006, with its first product going on sale in 2011, promising the ability to change the depth-of-field after a photo is taken. Lytro's current flagship product is the £469 Lytro Light Field Camera.

The buzz surrounding this company and its products has quieted in recent years, but Jason Rosenthal, Lytro CEO, said in August that 2014 is going to bring the spotlight back. Lytro will allegedly unveil a few breakthrough products next year; Rosenthal even compared one of them to a Tesla Roadster.

Alongside announcing Lytro 3D, Lytro revealed that its camera is now exclusively available in the colour Cobalt Blue through the Apple Online Store worldwide. There's also a limited-edition Champagne version available through the store for US and Canada. With Christmas just around the corner, Lytro's addition to the Apple Online Store will surely help encourage sales.

Today's news from Lytro, although seemingly small, is the first development since the Light Field Camera's debut in 2011. The Lytro 3D update might just reinvigorate the company as it plans more dramatic changes and developments for 2014.

Writing by Elyse Betters.