Jessops has just reopened, brought back to life by Dragons' Den star Peter Jones. There will be 30 stores opening up across the country, in a phased opening, starting with big shopping areas like London and Birmingham, along with the new website, just opened for business.

As the website has now also opened for business, we've had a quick scan through the prices and offers to see whether Jessops is off to a competitive start.

We've run some comparison prices on a range of models, so if you're looking for a new camera, will Jessops offer you a good deal? Here are some cameras that jumped out at us. 

Samsung Galaxy Camera

That’s right, the crazy Android camera that gives you plenty of options when it comes to expanding the experience beyond just taking photos. 

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Jessops has it listed at £399 for the Wi-Fi + 3G version. Park Cameras offers the same model for £10 less at £389. A quick glance at Amazon has it listed for £299. 

Canon EOS 6D

So you’re not interested in that crazy Android compact, you want a full frame DLSR, without paying a fortune. The Canon EOS 6D offers some clever options at the affordable end of Canon’s full frame line.

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Here Jessops lists the camera as £1,649, but acknowledges there’s a £100 cashback offer running from Canon. Of course, that offer applies regardless of where you buy the camera, be that from Amazon at £1,449, or Park Cameras at £1,599.

Panasonic Lumix GX1

Perhaps the full DSLR is a bit on the heavy side for you and a compact system camera is what you’re after. The Panasonic Lumix GX1 is a great compact system camera, and when paired with the 14-42 X lens, is great fun and easily pocketable.

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Jessops is offering the GX1 for £619, including that powered zoom lens, which sounds like it could be a bargain. Not so fast. Park Cameras and Amazon both have it for £499, so Jessops loses out. 

Nikon Coolpix P330

This brand new high-end compact from Nikon might be just the ticket. Full manual controls, including a useful click ring around the lens housing, and all in a compact body.

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Here Jessops will sell you this brand new model for £339, the same as Park Cameras, with Amazon coming in at £310.

It’s a hard sell

Overall, glancing through a few models, it doesn’t appear that Jessops is competitively priced against established online competitors, and there are plenty of other bargains to be found if you hunt around.

It’s worth considering, however, that Jessops isn’t just an online store. Like Park Cameras, there is a physical shop you can walk into for advice, and that might compensate for the extra cash you have to spend. "With 30 stores, prime locations, with a real touch and feel, with great experienced staff, we’ve got a real chance of making it a success," said Peter Jones at the re-launch.

Customer service and aftersale support is going to be absolutely essential for Jessops to find success, as online, looking at the prices, it’s still a hard sell.