(Pocket-lint) - Polaroid, which has a had a rough time finding its place in the world since the demise of the instant camera, could be about to launch an Android compact system camera at CES in January, if rumours are to be believed.

The story, first picked up by habitual gossip site Photorumors, implies that official press shots and specs have been leaked in Russia.

The details, which happen to be in Russian of course, are fairly thin. However, they do say that the camera, dubbed the Polaroid IM1836 (catchy, we know), will come with a 3.5-inch touchscreen display, a 10-30mm lens, pop-up flash, HDMI output, built in Wi-Fi, and a 18-megapixel sensor. Oh, and will run Android, much like the Samsung Galaxy Camera and the Nikon C800.

TechRadar, which has also spotted the rumour, points out that it looks a lot like Nikon's CSC range - the J1 and J2 - although it is not sure whether, at this point, Nikon is making the camera for Polaroid to rebrand its own.

With CES just weeks away (5-11 January) and Pocket-lint in attendance in Las Vegas for the whole week, you shouldn't have long to wait to find out whether your next CSC camera could or should be from Polaroid.

Let's hope, if true, it comes with an app to help you relive the old days - now that would be meta.

We will keep you posted.

UPDATE: Polaroid CEO Scott Hardy has informed Imaging Resource that the company is indeed to launch an Android-based CSC at CES. "There will be an Android powered, interchangeable lens camera introduced by Polaroid at CES 2013," he said. "Additional information and specs will be released during the show."

Writing by Stuart Miles.