Popstar and tech lover will.i.am has collaborated on a product that aims to turn your iPhone 4 or 4S into a high-end, fashion-concious camera. The will.i.am i.am+ foto.sosho accessory range will be launched through Selfridges, both in-store and online, on 6 December, and like the star himself is thoroughly ostentatious and more than a little bonkers.

The add-on, which comes in two models - vintage look (V.4) and modern (C.4), each featuring two different colour schemes - works with a free application to make the experience a social one. There is also on-board editing functionality with filters and social media connectivity integrated throughout. It essentially provides an Apple version of a Samsung Galaxy Camera, but you have to provide the phone part yourself.

will i am i am foto sosho iphone camera range coming 6 december image 4

The lens is basically an attachment to the Apple one on the rear of the iPhone 4/4S, while further models designed for the iPhone 5 - one featuring a slide-out keyboard too - will provide their own 14-megapixel sensor and lens. They are currently listed as "coming soon".

Different lenses are provided in the standard pack, including a 0.67x wide macro and 0.28x fisheye. There will also be a deluxe iPhone 4/4S pack with an extra zoom lens.

"I am proud to finally launch the i.am+ foto.sosho app and camera to the world from London," said will.i.am himself during the launch event at Selfridges.

"Our product fuses fashion with technology, changing the way you look at a smart phone… the i.am+ foto.sosho camera will make your smart phone brilliant." 

The foto.sosho C.4 will be available in black or white, with the standard pack costing £199. The foto.sosho V.4 - vintage look edition - will be £299 for the standard pack and be available in white and gold or black and silver.

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