Christmas Day for a camera fan - aside from the fact that Santa rarely surprises you with that Leica M9 you have always dreamt of - isn’t particularly exciting. Memory cards are order of the day, with the possibility of a few packs of printer paper if you're lucky.

Keeping the presents feeling fresh isn’t easy, but for the smart camera shopper, Pocket-lint has Customisable Christmas. Take a look below for some tailor-made ideas for your camera-obsessed loved ones.

HighKey custom-made camera strap

Adding a personal touch to any camera is the HighKey custom camera strap. Doing pretty much what it says on the tin, you can choose to have a strap made with absolutely any image. HighKey provides a Photoshop template to make things a bit easier. Other than that, it really is all yours.

The straps are of a decent quality, which tends to be rare for custom camera kit yet is essential if they are going to be attached to an expensive snapper. We especially like that your design is printed straight on to the strap itself, rather than to a piece of material attached.

customisable christmas digital camera accessories image 1

Durable and good looking, at around £20 these are a great stocking filler. You can pick up one of the High Key straps here.

Custom engraved leather camera bag

All that camera gear needs a bag. Head over to Grafea and choose from a selection of the most stylish camera bags we have ever seen. But don’t stop there, add your own twist to make this an extra special gift.

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Krintech do a special leather engraving service, which uses a laser to cut designs into leather. Rather than embossing the leather, which would require a pre-made stamp, the lasers Kintech uses allow you to have any design you want.

customisable christmas digital camera accessories image 2

Being an entirely custom service, price depends on what you want engraved. Kintech offers a same-day service, which is great for those rushing a last-minute gift, or you can opt for next day delivery, which should save a bit of cash.

Create a pinhole lens for a DSLR

This one is incredibly easy to do, cheap and can create some awesome photographic effects. The problem is that it can look a tad cheap, so you need to make sure you decorate it nicely for a personal touch.

All you need is a Coke can, a piece of cardboard, duct tape, clear lens filter, scissors, a pin and paper and pens to decorate.

customisable christmas digital camera accessories image 3

All you do is create a round piece of cardboard with a small pinhole in the centre of it. First cut a 1cm x 1cm piece of metal from the side of the coke can. Then make a hole in it with a pin.

Next cut a circle shape from your piece of cardboard - we suggest tracing round the clear lens filter so they match in size. Then finally cut a circle in the centre of the cardboard smaller than your piece of metal.

Duct tape the metal to the cardboard circle and then the circle to the lens filter. To customise, add a paper circle to the front and decorate. The whole thing should then be able to screw on to the front of the recipient's SLR. That’s it - a handmade pinhole camera lens. Thanks to for the guide and the pics.