(Pocket-lint) - As small as a postage stamp, the Memoto Camera automatically captures photographs every 30 seconds, recording snippets from your daily life so no memory is ever forgotten. 

If it all sounds a little cheesy, that’s because it is, but that’s not to say it's not without merit. For example, with the ability to rediscover snaps you weren’t even aware were being taken, the Memoto camera could capture that moment you first saw your potential partner or the first time your baby smiled.

The Memoto Camera clips discreetly on to an item of clothing. Measuring just 26 x 26 x 9mm it still manages to fit a 5-megapixel camera inside. Each snap is geo-tagged using GPS so you’ll be able to recall exactly where it was taken, while the built-in accelerometers will correctly reorientate them. 

Photos can be uploaded to Memoto’s web service, cataloguing them by date, time, location and even lighting conditions. Snaps can be searched and shared either via the web service or with the aid of a Memoto app, scheduled to be made available on the iOS and Android platforms.

The Memoto camera has a battery life of two days before needing to be recharged via microUSB. An LED indicator will remind you when this is necessary.

Designed by a Swedish start-up, the team behind the Memoto camera is looking for funding via the Kickstarter route. They hope to launch the camera in 2013, in graphite grey, arctic white and Memoto orange, each available for $279. 

However, for anyone who contributes at least $199 to the fund, Memoto is offering the camera and a year’s free subscription to its web service.

Writing by Danny Brogan.