(Pocket-lint) - Finding yourself snapping away more and more with your mobile phone camera? It's no surprise, as the quality of smartphone cameras is on the up and last year more than a quarter of all photos were taken with a phone camera.

French-based boffins DxOMark - independent quality tester and producer of image processing software - has unveiled some interesting mobile phone findings, stating that "the best smartphone on the market for shooting still images takes better photos than a five-year-old high-end compact" camera.

Which mobile phone would that be then? The Nokia 808 PureView, according to the site, is better than the now five-year-old Canon PowerShot G9.

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DxOMark has just announced it is to begin testing mobile phone and tablet cameras under its DxOMark Mobile brand in addition to its "normal" DxOMark digital camera testing.

But the Nokia bombshell's not all. DxO goes on to reveal that the Samsung Galaxy S III is superior to the high-end Canon PowerShot S100 when it comes to video capture. Now that’s not a bad badge to bear.

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But in a site that generally consists of charts, graphs and numbers, what does DxO test for?

This Pocket-linter has previously visited the laboratories in Paris for an inside look at DxO’s setup, which measures (among other things) low-light performance, dynamic range and colour depth.

Each camera, and now mobile phone, will be put through the same rigorous testing, with the smartphones undergoing 14 tests in all.

What we wonder is just how long it will be before smartphones start eating away at current compact cameras’ capabilities. Judging from this inside info it won’t be too long at all…

Writing by Mike Lowe.