(Pocket-lint) - Sony today told Pocket-lint that Canon and Panasonic have both expressed an interest in their latest format of memory card, the new XQD card that is compatible with the recently-launched Nikon D4

The high-end card uses PCI Express as the data interface, offering 125MBps write speeds, designed to support photographers shooting at high speed in RAW formats.

We asked if Sony would be incorporating the new format into their own NEX or Alpha line of cameras and, of course, Sony said that they couldn't speculate on whether they would or wouldn't.

Of course, expressing an interest in a new technology isn't confirmation that there is a new product on the way that supports it, but let's speculate that there might be.

Currently the only camera that supports the new format of card is Nikon's flagship pro DSLR, the D4, which hasn't yet shipped. With the recent announcement of the Canon EOS 1D X (which will accept two CompactFlash cards), it’s unlikely that the new card format would find its way into the very top-end of Canon's DSLR line, any time soon.

For Canon, of course, we've seen rumours of the Canon EOS 5D Mk III, including some interesting spy shots, which could potentially take this type of card. There have also been strong rumours surrounding the EOS 8D, a potential replacement for the 7D, another candidate camera.

As far as Panasonic are concerned, we would presumably looking at something in the G-series line of Micro Four Thirds cameras. 

We have contacted both Canon and Panasonic for comment, but we doubt we'll get any positive confirmation.

Writing by Chris Hall.